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Museum Molly and Historian Harry want to share their iFives with you: Identify; Inspect; Interact; Improve; and Inspire.



Identify. Find an object that interests you. Do you know what it is? Think of some ways to get more information about it.


Inspect. Look closely at your object’s clues. Does it have words? What other information can you learn from inspecting it? Do you know anything else like it?


Interact. Collect some other objects that are similar to yours. How are they the same? How are the different? How many ways can you organize your new collection?


Improve. How can you make your object better? Draw and label your design. Don’t forget to submit a patent!


Inspire. How will you share your collection and great idea with others to inspire them to be creative thinkers just like you?

Downloadable i Fives PDF 

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