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smiliesThe Alden Family Gallery offers a new type of museum experience for children, families, teachers, school groups, and members to interact, explore, and discover Worcester history in a creative, community inclusive and imaginatively new way. Designed to incorporate four distinct spaces: CitySquare, which represents Worcester’s continued development; Salisbury Store, which connects children to late 18th century Worcester; The Factory, which focuses on the ingenuity of six Worcester residents; and Mrs. B’s Diner, where the past meets the present through oral histories, music and imaginative-play. Each space offers options for imaginative play as well as opportunities to use math building skills, problem-solving and design skills with creative thinking. The Alden Family Gallery enhances the experience at Worcester Historical Museum for visitors from a passive viewer into an active participant through hands on activities. The Alden Family Gallery is made possible with support from the George I. Alden Trust, the Rockwell Foundation, Brenda Booth Clapp, George F. Booth, and the Massachusetts Cultural Council.